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LSP™ Introduces the New Pull Stop Box™

By April 19, 2017February 22nd, 2023Newsroom

LSP™ Products Group is excited to introduce the new Pull Stop Box™. This innovative product is half the size of an Icemaker Outlet Box, eliminates the need for a stub out, and all the Water to Damage a Foundation to protect your plumbing and this products help conceal the valve and has a push-pull knob to control the water flow to the supply line.

Save Money
One Pull Stop Box™ replaces the need for a stub out, mounting bracket, valve and escutcheon.

Reduce Liability
The valve is installed before the system test, which eliminates leaky compression valves. The Pull Stop Box™ also comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Installs Quickly
Simply crimp, sweat or cement the inlet of the valve to the supply line and fasten the box to the wall. The valve is installed during the rough-in stage, eliminating the need to cut off the end of the stub out preventing water leaks on newly installed floors and cabinets.

Visually Appealing
Since the valve is concealed behind the escutcheon, there is no ugly stub out or angle stop protruding from the wall.

Easy To Use
The simple, intuitive push/pull action on the Pull Stop Box™ starts and stops the flow of water easily. The Pull Stop Box™ is designed with a unique knob that cannot be removed while the valve is in the “ON” position.

The Pull Stop Box™ can be mounted in any direction and even share the same stud side-by-side with another Pull Stop Box™. If no stud is positioned for the desired outlet, a Hyco strap can be used.

For more information, please call Customer Service at (800) 854- 3215

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