Specialty Products™ is LSP’s original division. When it developed washing machine and ice maker outlet boxes over 40 years ago, Specialty Products™ acquired its reputation as the innovation leader to the plumbing industry. That unwavering focus on innovation also lead to the development of pipe clamps, test caps, and tub boxes among many other products. Today, Specialty’s Hang ‘em Hangers™ and PipeSecure™ Brackets provide the quickest way to support pipe runs.

LSP has partnered with Benjamin Manufacturing Co. to offer a broad range of tub protectors, tote trays, nipple caddies, plastic water heater pans, access covers, foam wrap, and much more. These products are designed to make a plumber’s job easier and reduce installation costs. Many of the products are constructed of high impact plastic that is extremely tough, resilient, and withstands rust. These products are manufactured domestically.