Mini Ice Maker Box

Mini Ice Maker Box

Modern design with added strength provides unquestionable reliability. Longer mounting ears accommodate all applications. Quarter Turn Ball Valve. All boxes are assembled.
Add “-T” to the end of the part number for Tract Pack (faceplates packaged separately)

Product Chart

Item #: OB-8000
White WITH 1/2" Copper Sweat x 1/4" Compr.
Item #: OB-8010-LL
White WITH 1/2" CPVC x 1/4" Compr.
Item #: OB-8020-LL
White WITH 1/2" CRIMP PEX x 1/4" Compr.
Item #: OB-8030-LL
White WITH 3/8" CRIMP PEX x 1/4" Compr.
Item #: OB-8031-LL
White WITH 1/2" UPONOR ProPEX® x 1/4" Compr.
Item #: OB-8040-LL
Item #: OB-8050-LL
White WITH 1/2" PEX VIEGA x 1/4" Compr.
Item #: OB-8070-LL

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