Kahuna™ Outlet Box

One of the most durable outlet boxes in the plumbing industry. Our error-proof, no knockout drains allow for hassle-free testing. Fill your stack directly from the box and test without a mess! Dual drain feature allows you to choose right or left outlet. Easy-to-install cosmetic cap hides unused drain. Optional, innovative condensate, with visible air gap, accommodates secondary drainage where needed. Quarter Turn Ball Valve Outlet Box. Dimensions: 7-1/4″ x 9-3/4″ x 3-3/4″. Faceplate: 12.32″ x 8.50″.
Add “-T” to the end of the part number for Tract Pack (faceplates packaged separately)
Add “-C” to the end of the part number for Condensate Stand
Add “-P” to the end of part number for two Test Plugs to be included

Product Chart
White, Unassembled, WITHOUT VALVESItem #: OB-2000
White, Unassembled, WITH COPPER SWEAT VALVESItem #: OB-2010
White, Assembled, WITH COPPER SWEAT VALVESItem #: OB-2011
White, Unassembled, WITH CPVC VALVESItem #: OB-2020
White, Assembled, WITH CPVC VALVESItem #: OB-2021
White, Unassembled, WITH CRIMP PEX VALVESItem #: OB-2030
White, Assembled, WITH CRIMP PEX VALVESItem #: OB-2031
White, Assembled WITH REHAU VALVESItem #: OB-2040
White, Unassembled, WITH UPONOR ProPEX® VALVESItem #: OB-2060
White, Assembled, WITH UPONOR ProPEX® VALVESItem #: OB-2061
White, Copper Sweat, WITH SIMPLEX VALVESItem #: OB-2400
White, Crimp PEX, WITH SIMPLEX VALVESItem #: OB-2402
White, Uponor ProPEX, WITH SIMPLEX VALVESItem #: OB-2403
White, Unassembled, WITH VIEGA VALVESItem #: OB-2070
White, Assembled, WITH VIEGA VALVESItem #: OB-2071
ACCESSORIES / REPLACEMENT PARTS: Condensate StandItem #: P-00991
ACCESSORIES / REPLACEMENT PARTS: White FaceplateItem #: P-00910

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