Frank Pattern™ Closet Flanges

Frank Pattern™ Closet Flanges

A cast iron closet flange for connecting water closets to a pipe which utilizes a collar squeezing a resilient gasket against the pipe to provide a water tight, mechanical seal without the problems usually associated with hot lead type of sealant. Available for 3″ & 4″ cast iron, and ABS pipe systems in various heights, and offset requirements.

Product Chart

3" x 2" Closet Ring
Item #: 30
3" x 2" Closet Ring w/ Test Cap
Item #: 30TC
4" x 2" Slotted Closet Ring
Item #: 40SL
4" x 2" Slotted Closet Ring w/ Test Cap
Item #: 40TCSL
4" x 4" Deep Closet Ring
Item #: 44
4" x 6" Deep Closet Ring
Item #: 46
4" x 2" Closet Ring 3/4 Offset
Item #: OS40

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