Frank Pattern™ Area Drains

Floor drains are primarily used for inside locations where the flow rate into the drain can be anticipated and for the outside areas where rainfall volume can dictate sizing. Drains should be selected with the sufficient top size and grate free area to pass the anticipated flow. Grate free area is defined as the total area of the drainage openings in the grate. Most drains are available with Nickel Bronze tops to match surrounding trim in finished areas. Usually finished areas require light duty to medium duty tops.

Product Chart
Instant Set®, 2" OUTLET, 6" ROUND STRAINERItem #: 20C
Instant Set®, 3" OUTLET, 7" ROUND STRAINERItem #: 30C
Instant Set®, 4" OUTLET, 8" ROUND STRAINERItem #: 40C

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