Welcome to LSP Products Group!

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Welcome to LSP Products Group

LSP Products Group (LSP) was founded by plumbers over 40 years ago with a focus on unparalleled innovation, superior product quality, and best-in-class service to the plumbing industry. Since its beginning as Specialty Products, LSP has continued to lead plumbing products innovation with inventions like the stainless steel braided flex connector, the Kahuna™ outlet box, the Revolver waste & overflow and, most recently, the Pull Stop Box™. Our primary focus is the new construction market where we develop products that make installations easy and provide significant cost savings to the plumbing/mechanical contractor.



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Ice Maker Flex Arrester™ (HammerSTOP™)

LSP's Flex Arrester™ (HammerSTOP™) won the RETAILERS' CHOICE Award at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas this May! Eliminate water hammer with a patented piston action that absorbs unexpected surges in water pressure. Water hammer can cause problems ranging from noise and vibration to pipe failure. Perfect for installation of Ice Makers (shown), Dishwashers and Washing Machines!

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Ice Maker Pull Stop Box

LSP™ Products Group is excited to introduce the Pull Stop Box™ for automatic ice makers. The ice maker Pull Stop Box™ provides a sleek and sophisticated finished look. The decorative knob controls the flow of water to the supply line by actuating the valve in a push/pull motion. The box is strong, compact and cost-efficient. All models are Lead Free.

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