Shower Arm Stabilizer

A loose and wobbly shower pipe can cause multiple issues if not fixed properly. All the weightfrom the shower head and arm is being supported by the only the threads back in the wall right at the mount which causes stress on the sheetrock and over time the sheetrock gives in creating a larger hole and loose shower arm that can no longer support the large shower head. Once the shower arm becomes loose from the back of the wall, the hole in the sheetrock can cause an unfixed pipe to break creating leaks and mold in the wall. There is no other solution on the market today to repair and secure a loose shower arm without cutting into the sheetrock or repairing from behind the wall requiring additional major remodeling. This patented Shower arm support bracket and shower flange is a valuable repair item that secures the shower arm without having to cut into existing sheetrock and saves time and money in repair. Once this shower pipe bracket is installed you take the stress point off the threads back in the wall and transfer it to the bracket so that the plumbing does not break behind the wall and the pipe will not break off at the threads. This is also valuable in new construction situations to reinforce the shower arm and prevent future repair.

Product Chart
Shower Arm StabilizerShower Arm Stabilizer with Trim in ChromeItem #: 9D00012005X
Shower Arm StabilizerShower Arm Stabilizer with Trim in Brushed NickelItem #: 9D00012006X
Shower Arm StabilizerShower Arm Stabilizer with Trim in Matte BlackItem #: 9D00012009X

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