One Stop Box™ Accessories

From faceplates to Hyco Straps to valves, all the One Stop Box™ accessories you need are listed here.

Product Chart

One Stop Box™ Faceplate
Item #: P-00403
One Stop Box™ Faceplate Extension
Item #: P-00404
One Stop Box™ Simplex Handle
Item #: P-00405
One Stop Box™ Condensate Cap
Item #: P-00408
One Stop Box™ Condensate Funnel
Item #: P-00411
One Stop Box™ WM Valve Left Handle
Item #: P-09050-L
One Stop Box™ WM Valve Right Handle
Item #: P-09050-R
One Stop Box™ WM HA Valve Left Handle
Item #: P-09150-L
One Stop Box™ WM HA Valve Right Handle
Item #: P-09150-R
One Stop Box™ IM Valve
Item #: P-09850
One Stop Box™ IM HA Valve
Item #: P-09950
Gas Valve 1/2” MIP x 1/2” FIP
Item #: P-06450
Gas Valve 1/2” for CSST
Item #: P-06452
Hyco Strap 18”
Item #: P-1078-18
Hyco Strap 26”
Item #: P-1078-26
Faceplates- 10 Pack
Item #: OBOS-900

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