Flex Arrester™ Connectors

Eliminate annoying and potentially dangerous water hammer when installed in Icemakers, Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Faucets and Toilets. Designed with the patented LSP Inline Hammer Arrester built into a corrosion-resistant polymer braid with Ultra Core™. Easy to install with directional Water Flow arrow clearly imprinted on the Hammer Arrester.

Product Chart
1/4" COMP. H.C. X 1/4" COMP. H.C., ICE MAKER CONNECTOR – 60"Item #: IMFA-160-PP
3/8" COMP. S.C. X 3/8" COMP. S.C. w/ 3/8" NPT 90° Elbow Adapter. Arrester is 12" from valve. DISHWASHER CONNECTOR – 60"Item #: DWFA-160-PP
3/8" COMP. X 3/8" COMP. w/ 3/4" FGHT 90° Elbow Adapter. Arrester is 12" from valve, DISHWASHER CONNECTOR – 60"Item #: DWFA-560-PP
3/8" I.D., 3/4" FGHT X 3/4" FGHT, WASHING MACHINE CONNECTOR – 60" Item #: WMFA-160-PP
3/8" COMP. X 1/2" FIP, FAUCET CONNECTOR – 20"Item #: FCFA-120-PP
3/8" COMP. X 7/8" BALL COCK, TOILET CONNECTOR – 12"Item #: WCFA-112-PP
ACCESSORIES: Male 3/8" Comp x 3/4" FGHT Elbow AdapterItem #: P-06365

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