Air Switch with Trim

The Garbage Disposal Air Switch is a very simple device that you can use to turn on and off your kitchen disposer. The deck-mount garbage disposal air switch is a convenient alternative to the wall-mount light switch and easily mounts to the sink or counter top with a one-outlet under sink power source design. This is very popular with homeowners as many new kitchens and kitchen remodels today, the kitchen sink and garbage disposal are located in an island countertop and not close to a wall, so the wall switch becomes outdated. The Danco Garbage Disposal Air Switch has the ability to replace the push buttons due to breakage, over use or you simply want to try a new finish. This is why Danco offers replacement button in four different finishes: chrome, brushed nickel, matte black and white. Pick the color right for you and your kitchen.

Product Chart
Air Switch with TrimAir Switch with Trim in ChromeItem #: 9D00012065
Air Switch with TrimAir Switch with Trim in Stainless SteelItem #: 9D00012066
Air Switch with TrimAir Switch with Trim in Matte BlackItem #: 9D00012067

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